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Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3 takes gaming to an exciting new level with unprecidented level of graffics capabilities. The system uses Sony's new Cell Broadband Engine offering a level of graffic never before possible.The system comes with a hard drive, Blu-ray disk player and wireless controller.

Playstation 3 allows online gaming with multiplayer games and globally unique online IDs. PS3 allows audio and video chat (with optional eye toy) and text messaging within your friend list. The Playstation store offers Exclusive PLAYSTATION®3 Downloadable Games, Free Playable Game Demos and High-Definition movie and game trailers. Surf the internet with built-in Internet Browser, have up to six windows open at once with easy access to the internet.

Sony Playstation 3 is available in two formats, a 20GB hard drive unit for $499 and a 60GB hard drive unit for $599. The 60GB unit also includes Memory Stick/SD/CompactFlash slots and IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi


2 Days to Vegas - Screenshots

2 days to Vegas PS3 game2 days to Vegas for PS3

Metal Gear 4 - Screenshots

Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3

Resident Evil 2 - Screenshots

Resisdent Evil 2 for PS3 Resident Evil 2

High-Definition Capabilities

Enjoy high-definition entertainment, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) means you can use your PLAYSTATION®3 with High-Definition displays as well as conventional or standard TVs.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The PLAYSTATION®3 comes with either a 20GB or 60GB removable hard disk drive (HDD).

Backwards Compatibility

Play thousands of PS one® and PlayStation®2 games as well as your CDs and DVDs on the PLAYSTATION®3.

Blu-ray Disc

The built-in Blu-ray Disc™ player means you can enjoy next-generation high-definition entertainment, including games and movies.

Cell Broadband Engine

The online capability of the PLAYSTATION®3 features the unpredictability of live competition. Play, strategize and compete with friends and opponents, even if they're in a different time zone.

Always On

PLAYSTATION®3 delivers always-on online connectivity; offering a world of online possibilities including multiplayer gaming, text and video messaging, voice chatting, downloading content and browsing the internet.

SIXAXIS wireless controller

The new SIXAXIS wireless controller enables you to harness the powerful potential of the PLAYSTATION®3 system.

Musi, Photos, Internet, Videos & Movies

PLAYSTATION®3 provides an endless array of multimedia activities, all without even inserting a game.

Wii game console from Nintendo


Nintendo's Wii offers a new gaming experience. Instead of small fingered children, now adults too can really get active in video games. The Nintendo Wii has started a new revolution in the home, getting everyone involved together playing games and staying active. What a way to exercise and stay fit and really enjoy doing it.

The game has leveled the playing field for all ages. There have been five year olds beating teenagers on games such as bowling. There are parents winning games against their children.

Nintendo has created an excellent alternative to hit a new level in the stiff competition in the video game market.

Wii - Channels

Once connected to the internet, Wii channels allows shopping, weather and news.

    • Weather channel gives local weather forcasts
    • News channel provides the most up to date information from around the world
    • Internet though Opera browser (avail March 2007) allows internet sufing from the comfort of your couch

Wii connect 24

The Wii console can communicate with the Internet even when the power is turned off. The WiiConnect24 service delivers a new surprise or game update, even if the system is idle. When you turn your Wii on each day, you'll never know what to expect! (Internet connection required).

Wii - Virtual console

In addition to new titles, Nintendo is making the greatest video game archive in history available for download to its Virtual Console. NES games start at 500 Wii Points, Super NES games start at 800 Wii Points and Nintendo 64 games start at 1,000 Wii Points. Sega Genesis games start at 800 Wii Points and TurboGrafx16 games start at 600 Wii Points. Wii Points can be purchased online or at retail at an MSRP of $20 for 2,000 points. Additional hardware accessories, such as the Classic Controller, may be required to play Virtual Console games and are sold separately.

Wii forums can be found on Nintendo Forums

Xbox 360

XBOX 360

Xbox 360 is a great improvement over the standard Xbox. Xbox has the benefit of being very upgradable by Microsoft as well as other developers. The Xbox 360 has a host of wireless devices and connectivity. Find wireless controllers, steering wheels, headsets and others to give freedom to games, chating online and browsing.

Xbox live allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited multiplayer gaming, with new feedback and reputation programs that let you find an opponent that's right for you.

Xbox 360 is the only gaming console to provide HD and standard-definition TV shows and movies direct to you! Check out Xbox Live Marketplace to find your favorite movies and TV shows to download.

With the new Xbox Live Vision accessory, hook up with friends and chat to your heart's content. See who's online and send audio and video messages.

Xbox 360 offers two configurations.

If you're a serious gamer looking for the ultimate console, the search ends here. Xbox 360 is fully loaded. It's the unsurpassed gaming and entertainment experience right out of the box, delivering the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience for the best value.

Xbox 360 Core System delivers the same powerful gaming as Xbox 360 but starts with the basics. It's everything you need to hit the ground running. Plug in the console and the controller and you're playing. Then decide what you add—it's expandable to the full Xbox 360 Pro Console setup.

Xbox HD-DVD drive

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is the most affordable way to jump into the next generation of DVD technology. Just plug Xbox 360 HD DVD Player into Xbox 360 and enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with more clarity and detail than broadcast, cable or satellite HD. Feed your HDTV the high definition content it craves with HD DVD on Xbox 360

Xbox wireless racing wheel

Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel Xbox 360 Racing pedals

High quality Force Feedback performance replicate the yanks and shudders that a racecar driver feels while blasting around the oval. Real automotive design gives the wheel a realistic feel. You can choose a lap mount or a table clamp mount.

Xbox Vision

Xbox vision camera

Use the vision camera for video chat (Gold membership required for video chat). Bring gesture-based games to life using your body movements to control the action. Supports games designed with "face in game" technology for a personalized gaming experience, add your face to your character in-game. Images are a snap with VGA 640H x 480V video at 30 frames per second and still photos at 1.3 mega-pixels.

GTA4 - Grand Theft Auto 4

GTA4 - Press release from Rockstar games

"New York, NY -May 9th, 2006 -- Rockstar Games, the universally-renowned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is proud to announce Grand Theft Auto IV, the next-generation console debut of the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto franchise. Developed by world-class designers Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto IV will be simultaneously available for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 and is currently planned to be in stores in North America on October 16, 2007 and in Europe on October 19, 2007."

No details are available yet, but the rumors are already talking about multiplayer capabilities and possible settings in New York, Chicago or London.


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