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Garmin Impressive nüviphone (with Video Demo)

Garmin nuviphone touchscreen iPhone competitor - Slicktronics.com

Garmin has made some nice portable GPS units such as the nüvi series. Garmin has been a leader in GPS systems, but after seeing all the poor integrations of GPS systems into cell phones, they took the next logical step; bring the phone to the GPS unit. The nüvi models already had the touchscreen display function in the bag and the size allow room to grow into an iPhone competitor.

See more pictures, watch the demo video and read the press release here

Bluetooth Headset Rugged Enough For Military Use

Plantronics 370 BT rugged headset

The Plantronics Explorer 370 comes wrapped in a rugged rubber housing, keeping it safe against all sorts of water, dust, and shock. Plantronics says its "resistant" against the elements, so you should be able to take this almost anywhere. Another key feature is the "windscreen technology" that filters out unnecessary noise.

With 7 hours of talk and 8 days of standby, the Plantronics Explorer 370 Bluetooth headset will retail for $79.95 when it goes on sale in March.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Touch Screen

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 - Slicktronics.com

At the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Sony Ericsson unveiled their Xperia touch screen interface phone. The Xperia is a smartphone that runs Windows Mobile with a touch screen overlay and a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone comes with 3G technology called HSDPA and Wi-Fi for a high-speed mobile experience. It also has built-in GPS for personal navigation. The home screen is covered by panel which a small screen shots of the applications they link too. While the panels may be a bit small to read for some and somewhat overwhelming, they are sharp enough to clearly differentiate various web pages and applications. Sony Ericsson has not released pricing information yet and will be initially launching the Xperia in select markets in the second half of this year.

large screen view

large open view

Happy With Your Cell Phone?

cell phone people satisfaction chart - Slicktronics.com

Are you wondering how your phone stacks up against other manufacturers? Change Wave Research . This could be handy when your ready for an upgrade and another vendor has a juicy new product you like. One key thing to remember is individual models vary, as well as cell performance in various locations and some people just don't care to get involved in a review or survey. Even with all the variables, the research covered a wide range of people and the chart should simulate actual performance.

iPhone 16GB iPod Touch 32GB

Apple iPhone 16GB now available - Slicktronics.comApple iPod Touch 32GB available - Slichtronics.com

Feb, 5 2008

Apple introduced the iPhone in a 16GB model as well as a 32GB iPod Touch. It had been a rumor for awhile to bump the iPhone to 16GB since the iPod Touch already utilized 16GB. We were expecting the iPhone to receive 3G, but Apple would rather keep their decent battery life instead of adding the increased power sucking of 3G. Apple maintains a great list of demo and help videos on their site. apple.com



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